Read and write via OBD the Delphi DCM3.3 and Cummins CM2350A ECUs that equip JCB and Sonnebogen Tractors brand off-highway vehicles.

Thanks to these two new protocols, you will be able to work on an increasing fleet of vehicles, faster and easier, with just one tool.



Create new business opportunities by working in a niche market dedicated to tuning or repairing vehicles used for handling, such as JCB Telehandlers. Now you can read and write engine parameters of many new vehicles, with the simplicity and efficiency of a connection via the diagnostic (OBD) socket.

New ECUs supported:

Meet your customers’ needs with KESS3: offer a complete, fast and reliable reprogramming service. Take the opportunity to work on different types of vehicles to achieve better performance with an eye on reducing fuel consumption.







Backhoe Loader3CX 4.4dDiesel55 kW
Backhoe Loader3CX 4.4dDiesel68 kW
Backhoe Loader3CX 4.4dDiesel81 kW
Backhoe Loader4CX 4.4dDiesel81 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJS115 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJS130 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJS145 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJS160 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJS190 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJZ141 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Dumper6T-1Diesel55 kW
Dumper7T-1Diesel55 kW
Dumper9T-1Diesel55 kW
Skid Steer Loader225T 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Skid Steer Loader260T 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Skid Steer Loader300T 4.4L l4Diesel68 kW
Skid Steer Loader320T 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler531-70 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler531-70 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler531-70 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler531-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler531-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler532-60 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler532-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler532-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler533-105 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler533-105 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler533-105 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler535-125 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler535-125 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler535-125 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler535-95 4.4L I4Diesel74 kW
Telehandler536-60 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler536-60 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler536-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler536-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler536-95 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler536-95 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler538-60 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler538-60 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler540-140 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler540-140 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler540-140 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler540-170 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler540-170 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler540-170 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler540-200 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler540-200 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler540-200 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler541-70 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler541-70 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler541-70 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler541-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler541-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler542-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler542-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
TelehandlerTM320 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Wheel Loaders411HT 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Wheel Loaders417HT 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Wheeled ExcavatorHYDRADIG 110W 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Wheeled ExcavatorJS145W 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Wheeled ExcavatorJS160W 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW






8 Series835 EDiesel224 kW


Activates OBD Truck/Tractor protocols and works immediately on new supported vehicles.


KESS3: the unique tool for your work

Quick updates, three different connection modes (OBD – BENCH – BOOT), ease of use and sturdiness for your garage.

All in a single tool designed to work in the present and amaze in the future thanks to the constant updating of functions and protocols to help you in your daily work.


Thanks to KESS3, customers save from spending money on the replacement of electronically controlled engine components. Especially in the off-higway vehicle area, where machines are permanently stressed for long periods of time and costs increase.

Improve your customer loyalty with a unique, practical and affordable solution that benefits your business!

ECM Titanium, the extra gear for your workshop

Reprogramming handling vehicles is a highly profitable practice but requires extreme precision on the part by the professionals of the calibration. Used at full power for many hours a day, these vehicles are your customer’s work tool: speed of intervention and optimisation of fuel consumption are fundamental parameters for a successful work.

With ECM Titanium you have an always available solution that, in a few simple moves, allows you to solve certain problems by intervening directly on the engine management electronics. Especially in these cases, relying on professional tools is essential to guarantee a reliable and effective service at all times.

Discover how easy it is to adjust the calibration of the 4.4L diesel engines that power Backhoe Loader, Crawler Excavator, Skid Steer Loader and other JCB brand vehicles, thanks to ECM Titanium.

Discover Alientech Academy! Professional training with classes all over the world.

Invest in your tuning skills to improve your work and increase your earning opportunities.

Alientech training days are in-depth sessions aimed at your professionalization with all-round practical and theoretical knowledge of the automotive world. Everything you need to work in the tuning field providing a complete, reliable and valuable service to your customers.

One of our specialists will be at your side along the training path and will answer any questions or dubts you may have, so that you can start working, right away, in complete autonomy!