Tools for ECU remapping

We give you the simplest and most effective solutions to elaborate, repair and recalibrate the ECUs  and TCUs.
The most complete chiptuning you can have.

Reading, Writing and Cloning
OBD, Bootmode and Service Mode

Easy and simple recalibrations

What you need to get what you want.
ECM Titanium, the software to remap effectively and with simplicity the maps contained in the original files of the ECUs and TCUs.

Alientech Academy

Are you ready to develop new competences and to become a remapping professional? Virtual classes, Classroom training and online training available on DocDonkey e-learning platform.

Bosch EDC17C79 – FCA

This 20-minutes video lesson will provide you with all the information you need to know before remapping, teach you the ECM Titanium software editing procedure and present you with the results (diagnostics and performance) after writing the modified file.

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Temic DSG DQ250 – VAG

Did you tune a vehicle’s ECU and didn’t get the increments you were hoping for? A common cause could be the automatic transmission! Let’s remove everything that holds your vehicle back from expressing its true potential..

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Reach your customers all over the world.

Configure and personalize Powergate3+ with your modified files, deliver the tool directly to your customers that will use it in complete autonomy.

Why choose Alientech

Professional Chiptuning

Create, program, and offer to your customers high-quality elaboration for any vehicle.

Easy to use

The use of our tools is intuitive and simple: we follow you step by step, in any operation.

Work in your own way

Personalize your tools, work on whatever you want, as you like.