Alientech   ECM Titanium

Interpret, Remap.

ECM Titanium is our remapping software which interprets and modifies with precision and simplicity, the operating data of the ECU and TCU.
Highly effective in its editing operations and easy to use, enabling fast and easy recalibration. Professional’s recognize in ECM Titanium the ideal software to realise the maximum potential of each vehicle.

Work on each calibration. Remap any vehicles.

ECM Titanium is the most complete remapping software.

Versatile, reliable, and easy to use, compatible with the Original Files of all vehicles and intuitive: from the first screen you know where you are and what you can do.

Original and modified files: the working environment is all there. You move with ease from one view to another, modifying and working on the maps at your convenience.

Simple elaborations and efficient results to get to surprising calibrations.

Raise the standard of remapping.

Let us guide you.

The ‘Driver’ interprets the Original File data regions in which you can find the engine management maps, injection system, ignition advance, rpm, acceleration percentage, turbo pressure and much more. Everything you need is available to you.

Through the exclusive function “Driver Research” you can automatically find all the information to remap the Original File.

You will quickly learn how to move between the parameters, modify them and create the perfect calibration.

Four available views to select from.

Working environment: TAB, 2D, 3D, HEX.

Each map has its own differences. The views available allow you to change your point of view and to select the appropriate view for your calibration.

TAB: Thanks to the tabular display, you have the exact representation of the engine management in actual parameters. You use the interpolation function, to modify proportionally the selection made within the map.

2D. You can browse inside the original file and modify the parameters of any map inside the uploaded file. With the Addresses Memo function, you can save the maps addresses so you can easily find them later.

3D. You can visualize the shape and the trend of a map. You can linearise the element, which means modify the parameters point by point and bring greater consistency to the engine.

HEX. Numerical and hexadecimal dialog for the parameters research, identification numbers and alphanumeric strings inside the ECU Original File.



Discover the online remapping practices with DocDonkey. Learn the remapping strategies of an ECU in less than one hour!

Alientech Data Bank

Over 60.000 drivers and original files available for download.

Tabular view

View the selected map in a simple tab, with two reference axes.

2D View

View the selected map in a bidimensional graph, always in function of two reference axes.


3D View

View the selected map in a three-dimensional graph, with reference to the three axes x, y and z.


Hexadecimal view

Numerical and hexadecimal view for the parameters research, identification numbers and text strings inside the file.

USB key with SD memory

16 GB expandable up to 128GB. 10 Times more powerful, also able to support the largest drivers. More memory and higher performances

Software immediate recognition

To use ECM Titanium, simply insert the key in a USB port of your PC. Immediately the software will be recognized and executed.


Flash drive integrated Database

The USB key is comprised of part software, part flash memory, where you can store your file .ori and .mod and part into the protected memory.


Automatic Driver Research

You can automatically find all the information to remap the Original File, uploaded on the ECM Titanium.


Map editing

By uploading an Original File and its Driver you can examine the maps and limiters listed, and implement your recalibrations to create your .mod file.

ECM Titanium Full. Unlimited recalibrations.

A comprehensive solution in which you have dedicated technical assistance, up to 100 drivers a day available for download for cars, tractors, trucks, and boats, you can request Original Files and New Drivers, update the drivers list and the software. If you choose the full option, you have everything at your disposal and can remap whenever you want, carefree.


ECM Titanium Credits. Recalibrations on demand

Activate your ECM Titanium software through Credits that you use to choose the operations that interest you the most. Do you need a motorbike or gearbox driver? Use some of your credits only! You maintain control over what you do and, depending on your needs, you can expand your “credits package”.

The Indispensable

Create your Driver.

Plug-in Driver Maker. If you want to get the most out of ECM Titanium and become even more independent in creating your maps, Driver Maker is for you: it consists of an extra plugin for the creation of new drivers or the modification of existing drivers in the Alientech databank.

Why choose Alientech

Professional Chiptuning
Create, program and offer your customers high quality processing for any vehicle.
Easy to use
Our tools are simple and intuitive to use. Each operation is immediate and safe.
Customize your tools
Customize your tools, work on whatever you want, as you wish.