A weekend full of emotions in Townsville, Australia!

After qualification to next stage of the Gazoo Toyota Racing, thanks to the pilot Zayd Tones, we are still in, gaining 3 positions!

July 14, 2021

The Townsville 500 weekend overall was an awesome weekend and experience. An amazing and fun track to race on, super tough and definitely not a mistake friendly track with concrete barriers the whole way around the track.

The car was good but in qualifying Zayd wasn’t quite able to put the lap together to put the car at the pointy end of the field where it belonged qualifying in P23 and from there it was always going to be a tough weekend to move up the grid.

Chronicle of the Race weekend !

In Race 1, Zayd had a big moment into turn 2, coming together with 2 other cars and the damaged sustained we were unable to get the car back out for the remainder of the race.

After a long afternoon and in to the night repairing the damage the car was ready to go again for race 2. Race 2 we started out of P23, we got a bad start dropping to P29 by the first corner before recovering to finish P20.

In the final race, we got a good start climbing to P18 by turn 3, but from there we got caught in a few wrong positions and slowly slipped back to P23 for the race.

Overall it was a fun weekend, but at the same time a very underwhelming performance and result.

We as a team have reviewed every aspect of the team and the weekend and are making changes to make sure we are at the correct end of the field for the next event.

As always, we would like to thank all our sponsors for their valued and ongoing support, without them we wouldn’t be racing, so a big thank you to

We are still in! See you to the next Race!

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