Alientech Academy is the most important chiptuning and ECU remapping training center.

Mattia Placido

“Every day, a new challenge, a new goal”, becaue in this work field you never stop learning.

I started in the automotive field since I was very young, working in the family business about spare parts and repairing. Step by step I got a good experience in the agricultural and truck sector aswell, working in distribution companies and dealerships. In 2012 I started working in the Chiptuning sector and it was love at first sight. Since then I have never left the tuning and electronic remapping world.
Curiosity and wonder about how everything works in this world moves me to improve every day, doing research and development.

Since 2019, when I started my collaboration with Academy, I transferred my commitment into training classes, to always get more tuning specialists at their top level!

My motto is: “Who doesn’t keep learning…will stop”.

Mattia Placido


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