Alientech Academy è il più importante centro di formazione di chiptuning e rimappatura centraline.

Fabrizio Roncallo

Hello, I am Fabrizio Roncallo, Alientech Dealer since 1990.

I started in my family’s workshop and, with the first production of vehicles with electronic injection systems, I started my career in this fascinating world known as ECU Tuning.

My training as Bosch Systems Technician and my passion for the world of engines have made me grow to the level that I am at today.

This is an ever-growing world with systems which get more and more complex and technologically advanced by the day and, because of this, our search for knowledge is endless and our love of sharing our progress allows us to grow day to day.

My greatest pride is seeing how many Tuners we have been able to train over the years, starting from the basics to more advanced training courses. We also pride how many tuners contacted us afterwards to receive updates and further training.
You are all welcome in our world!

Fabrizio Roncallo


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