Remap and clone the Siemens SIM4LKE and Siemens EMS2214 ECUs equipped on Mercedes-Benz and Ford vehicles.

Offer a comprehensive service to your customers thanks to new protocols for KESS3.



Increase job opportunities for your workshop with two new developments dedicated to some older vehicles. Work with the “BOOT” bench mode to optimize performance and particularly for repairing Siemens SIM4LKE and EMS2214 ECUs equipped on Mercedes-Benz Kompressor and Ford Duratec engines.

Focus on the new ECUs:

Choose how to operate on thousands of ECUs, in the connection mode you prefer, depending on the type of work required by your customers.






RD, WR and Clone in Boot Mode

C-Class180 Kompressor 5ATPetrol105 kW
C-Class180 Kompressor 5ATPetrol107 kW
C-Class180 Kompressor 6MTPetrol105 kW
C-Class180 Kompressor 6MTPetrol107 kW
C-Class200 Kompressor 5ATPetrol121 kW
C-Class200 Kompressor 6MTPetrol121 kW
C-Class230 Kompressor 5ATPetrol141 kW
C-Class230 Kompressor 6MTPetrol141 kW
C-Class Sportcoupe180 Kompressor 5ATPetrol105 kW
C-Class Sportcoupe180 Kompressor 5ATPetrol107 kW
C-Class Sportcoupe180 Kompressor 6MTPetrol105 kW
C-Class Sportcoupe180 Kompressor 6MTPetrol107 kW
C-Class Sportcoupe200 Kompressor 5ATPetrol121 kW
C-Class Sportcoupe200 Kompressor 6MTPetrol121 kW
C-Class Sportcoupe230 Kompressor 5ATPetrol141 kW
C-Class Sportcoupe230 Kompressor 6MTPetrol141 kW
C-Class Sportcoupe230 Kompressor 6MTPetrol145 kW
C-Class T-Model180 Kompressor 5ATPetrol105 kW
C-Class T-Model180 Kompressor 5ATPetrol107 kW
C-Class T-Model180 Kompressor 6MTPetrol105 kW
C-Class T-Model180 Kompressor 6MTPetrol107 kW
C-Class T-Model200 Kompressor 5ATPetrol121 kW
C-Class T-Model200 Kompressor 6MTPetrol121 kW
C-Class T-Model230 Kompressor 5ATPetrol141 kW
C-Class T-Model230 Kompressor 6MTPetrol141 kW
CLC180 Kompressor 6MTPetrol105 kW
CLK200 CGI 6MTPetrol125 kW
CLK200 Kompressor 6MTPetrol120 kW
CLK200 Kompressor 6MTPetrol135 kW
CLK Cabrio200 Kompressor 6MTPetrol120 kW
CLK Cabrio200 Kompressor 6MTPetrol135 kW
SLK200 Kompressor 5ATPetrol135 kW
SLK200 Kompressor 6MTPetrol120 kW







RD, WR and Clone in Boot Mode

Fiesta1.6 Duratec TI-VCT 5MTPetrol88 kW


Activate the CAR – BENCH/BOOT protocols now and work 360° for maximum customer satisfaction.


Working on engine control units is a service largely dedicated to repair.

The components installed on the engine, controlled by electronics, can in some cases avoid replacement through recalibration.

Sometimes it is possible to save large sums of money, for a big advantage of your business.


KESS3: the ideal mate for your work

Want to use the full potential of KESS3?

Connect in any of its modes (OBD – BENCH – BOOT), and discover the technology that drives the vehicles coming to your workshop.

Use this information to your advantage and create your business!


Powergate is the new generation of portable control unit programmer for cars and motorcycles, designed to offer every driver a personalized driving experience of their vehicle.

Thanks to a compact design and connection with an intuitive app, Powergate provides a highly customizable and precise vehicle tuning experience.

Tuning and repair with ECM Titanium

The C-Class (W203) was a leap forward that rendered other vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup of the time obsolete, as well as those of competitors. A car still relevant in terms of both comfort and driving pleasure, appreciated in various parts of the world. And it is precisely because of the validity of the project that, to this day, there are still many circulating vehicles, including those equipped with the 1.8 Kompressor.

Reliability and safety are strengths, especially when combined with the build quality typical of the early 2000s. For this reason, devoted owners or enthusiasts take care of any issues that may arise (even regarding age) to give even more longevity to this vehicle.

A great help can come from the ECM Titanium recalibration software, which knows how to be at your service to meet the desires of your customers, even in terms of repairs. With just a small intervention, you can breathe new life into these vehicles, sometimes without additional costs to your service, ensuring a concrete and reliable solution for anyone who enters your workshop.

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Alientech training days are in-depth sessions aimed at your professionalization with all-round practical and theoretical knowledge of the automotive world. Everything you need to work in the tuning field providing a complete, reliable and valuable service to your customers.

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