Remap and clone on bench the ECU Denso 112731-5040 and Denso 33910-79JX/57KX for Subaru and Suzuki.

Satisfy your customers by working thoroughly on the newly supported vehicles.



Enhance performance, repair, or reduce fuel consumption with the two new protocols now available on KESS3 to intervene on bench with maximum effectiveness. Read, write, and clone directly from the ECU connector of the Denso 112731-5040 and Denso 33910-79JX/57KX ECUs equipped on the most popular models of the Subaru and Suzuki range.

Focus on the new ECUs:

Achieve maximum potential in reprogramming, without risking damage the ECU, thanks to KESS3’s bench mode, which offers quick and secure service to your clientele.






RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

Forester2.5i CVTPetrol127 kW
Legacy2.5i CVTPetrol127 kW
Outback2.5i CVTPetrol127 kW







RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

Grand Vitara1.6 16v VVT 5MTPetrol78 kW
Grand Vitara2.0 16v 5MTPetrol103 kW
Swift1.5Petrol75 kW
Swift Sport1.6 16v VVTPetrol92 kW
SX41.5 VVTPetrol73 kW
SX41.5 VVTPetrol82 kW
SX41.6 VVTPetrol79 kW
SX41.6 VVTPetrol88 kW
SX42.0 VVTPetrol105 kW


Expand your customer portfolio and activate CAR – BENCH/BOOT protocols to intervene immediately on the new supported vehicles.


Working on engine control units is a service largely dedicated to repair.

The components installed on the engine, controlled by electronics, can in some cases avoid replacement through recalibration.

Sometimes it is possible to save large sums of money, for a big advantage of your business!


KESS3: the result of 30 years of experience

Quick updates, three different connection modes (OBD – BENCH – BOOT), ease of use and sturdiness for your garage.

All in a single tool designed to work in the present and amaze in the future thanks to the constant updating of functions and protocols to help you in your daily work.


Powergate is the new generation of portable control unit programmer for cars and motorcycles, designed to offer every driver a personalized driving experience of their vehicle.

Thanks to a compact design and connection with an intuitive app, Powergate provides a highly customizable and precise vehicle tuning experience.

Tuning and repair with ECM Titanium

Every day, many clients come into the workshop, each with their own needs. In most cases, they have a problem to solve with their vehicle and want the work to be carried out efficiently, minimizing costs and intervention times.

ECM Titanium recalibration software can be a great help in ensuring customer satisfaction, both for tuning operations and for repair. Especially on older vehicles, the speed and simplicity of intervention translate into a great profit opportunity for your business.

A tangible example is the recalibration of the 1.6 VVT engine equipped on the Suzuki range. With just a few simple moves you can redefine this engine’s character, creating something more powerful and personalized. Choose Alientech’s official equipment and offer concrete solutions based on your customer’s request.

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Invest in your tuning skills to improve your work and increase your earning opportunities.

Alientech training days are in-depth sessions aimed at your professionalization with all-round practical and theoretical knowledge of the automotive world. Everything you need to work in the tuning field providing a complete, reliable and valuable service to your customers.

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