Reprogram, even with open control unit, the Delphi DCM3.3 ECUs that equip JCB brand off-highway vehicles.

A new update allows you to work on this ECU at 360° thanks to the KESS3 BOOT mode.



Now you can work on the Delphi DCM3.3 ECU in the mode you prefer, (OBD or BOOT) depending on the processing required by your customer. Due to the high demand, we have developed a solution that allows you to work, even for cloning purposes, on the vehicles that populate this market niche.

New ECU also available in BOOT mode:

Increase your revenue opportunities by satisfying all your customers’ needs, while guaranteeing reliability and efficiency at the same time. With KESS3 you offer a truly complete reprogramming service, with a single tool, on dozens of supported ECUs and vehicles.






RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

Backhoe Loader3CX 4.4dDiesel55 kW
Backhoe Loader3CX 4.4dDiesel68 kW
Backhoe Loader3CX 4.4dDiesel81 kW
Backhoe Loader4CX 4.4dDiesel81 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJS115 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJS130 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJS145 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJS160 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJS190 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Crawler ExcavatorJZ141 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Dumper6T-1Diesel55 kW
Dumper7T-1Diesel55 kW
Dumper9T-1Diesel55 kW
Skid Steer Loader225T 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Skid Steer Loader260T 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Skid Steer Loader300T 4.4L l4Diesel68 kW
Skid Steer Loader320T 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler531-70 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler531-70 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler531-70 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler531-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler531-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler532-60 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler532-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler532-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler533-105 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler533-105 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler533-105 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler535-125 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler535-125 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler535-125 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler535-95 4.4L I4Diesel74 kW
Telehandler536-60 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler536-60 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler536-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler536-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler536-95 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler536-95 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler538-60 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler538-60 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler540-140 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler540-140 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler540-140 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler540-170 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler540-170 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler540-170 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler540-200 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler540-200 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler540-200 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler541-70 4.4L l4Diesel55 kW
Telehandler541-70 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler541-70 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler541-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler541-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Telehandler542-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Telehandler542-70 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
TelehandlerTM320 Agri 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Wheel Loaders411HT 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Wheel Loaders417HT 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Wheeled ExcavatorHYDRADIG 110W 4.4L l4Diesel81 kW
Wheeled ExcavatorJS145W 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW
Wheeled ExcavatorJS160W 4.4L l4Diesel93 kW

Activate the BENCH and BOOT protocols for Truck/Tractor and work with the new mode supported on JCB vehicles.

KESS3: the unique tool for your work

Quick updates, three different connection modes (OBD – BENCH – BOOT), ease of use and sturdiness for your garage.

All in a single tool designed to work in the present and amaze in the future thanks to the constant updating of functions and protocols to help you in your daily work.

Control unit repair

You do more than just tuning in your workshop with KESS3! Working in this sector allows you to meet parallel needs of your customers while increasing your profit opportunities. One of these formulas is ECU repair.

Thanks to the BENCH and BOOT mode of KESS3, it is possible, where available, to clone not only the memories of the ECU but also the whole management firmware to obtain a new control unit.

ECM Titanium, the recalibration software

The development of new connection options to the already supported ECUs is a key stepping stone, so that we can always work without letting any customer get away, satisfying all kinds of requests. Working on this type of vehicle, as you know, is as delicate a subject as it is profitable. This is why Alientech supports the professional with several tools and solutions.

With ECM Titanium, for example, you can edit any calibration file, with precision and reliability. But thanks to the operating combo, in combination with KESS3, you can offer an A to Z reprogramming service. This is crucial for those who own specialised and dedicated work vehicles such as Backhoe Loader, Crawler Excavator, Skid Steer Loader and other JCB brand vehicles.

The 4.4L diesel engine, which equips these vehicles, can change some of its features, thanks to ECM Titanium, by directly adjusting the electronic management, according to the customer’s request: reduced fuel consumption, increased performance and repairs are within reach.

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