TCU Bosch DQ200 Gen II: reprogram the gearbox of many VAG group vehicles via OBD.

Work fast and efficiently on the DSG transmission management that is equipped on some Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen vehicles.


Upgrade 1.53

Thanks to the new protocol available for KESS3, you can reprogram the second-generation DSG DQ200 dual-clutch automatic transmissions via OBD. Find out how to increase your business opportunities by working on some of the latest VAG group cars. Get new customers thanks to the enhanced calibration service, both for tuning and repair purposes.

New TCU supported:

Satisfy your customers with a complete and reliable all-in-one service on thousands of supported ECUs and TCUs. Increase the performance, repair and reduce the fuel consumption of dozens of vehicles that enter your workshop every day.



Performance enhancement through reprogramming of the automatic transmission control unit is a constantly growing service.

Tuning the management parameters of a gearbox means improving performance and driving pleasure, with a keen eye on fuel consumption. In some cases it is essential to adjust the calibration of the TCUs in order to complete the process and ensure that the engine and gearbox can work in perfect harmony, maximising the vehicle performances.

Alientech has always played a leading role in this sector by offering concrete and powerful solutions for professionals.


Not just tuning! Working on automatic transmission control units is a business opportunity largely dedicated to repair.

More expensive electronic components, such as the TCU, which manages the operation of mechanical parts, can be saved.

Therefore, through recalibration you can spare your customer large sums of money, to the benefit of your business! KESS3 and ECM Titanium are the fastest and most reliable tools for your work.




Virtual Reading



Virtual Reading VR, WR in OBD

TCU BrandTCU VersionVehicle BrandFULL RD/WRMode
TemicDQ200 Gen IIAudiOBD


Virtual Reading VR, WR in OBD

TCU BrandTCU VersionVehicle BrandFULL RD/WRMode
TemicDQ200 Gen IISeatOBD


Virtual Reading VR, WR in OBD

TCU BrandTCU VersionVehicle BrandFULL RD/WRMode
TemicDQ200 Gen IISkodaOBD


Virtual Reading VR, WR in OBD

TCU BrandTCU VersionVehicle BrandFULL RD/WRMode
TemicDQ200 Gen IIVolkswagenOBD

Temic DQ200 Gen II

The evolution and lightning of the DQ250 are the result of engineering developments on the DSG DQ200 gearbox. The initial project was not exactly the gearbox we imagine today, especially in terms of performance and reliability. Thanks to its upgrade, however, it has become one of the VAG group’s ‘double clutch’ gearboxes with the most applications on the market, especially for small and medium-sized cars powered by small turbo petrol engines with TSI/TFSI technology.

This gearbox is installed transversely on both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles, allowing the vehicle to develop a maximum torque of over 250nm, distributing power through its seven ratios. The DQ200 is also the first DSG automatic transmission to adopt two dry clutches matched to a primary and secondary shaft handling odd and even gears.

By intervening with ECM Titanium on the calibration of this TCU, the performance of the vehicle on which it is installed can be easily increased. By reducing shift times and the RPM shifting, optimum results can be achieved, both in terms of performance and fuel consumption reduction.

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