Works at 360° on the Continental SID807 control unit that is equipped on some Ford models with 1.6 TDCi engines.

Work with a single protocol on dozens of new supported vehicles, thanks to the latest development of KESS3.



Develop new profitable opportunities by working with the KESS3 bench mode, both for tuning and repair purposes, on the Continental SID807 ECU that manages the engine parameters of some Ford brand models such as: C-Max, Focus, Galaxy, Mondeo, S-Max, Tourneo Connect and Transit Connect.

New ECU supported:

Choose KESS3 to operate with a single tool, in total reliability, satisfying your customers’ demands, thanks to a service that has never been so complete on dozens of vehicles produced between 2010 and 2015.






RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

C-Max1.6 Duratorq TDCi 6MTDiesel70 kW
C-Max1.6 Duratorq TDCi 6MTDiesel85 kW
Focus1.6 TDCi 6MTDiesel70 kW
Focus1.6 TDCi 6MTDiesel84 kW
Galaxy1.6 TDCi 6MTDiesel85 kW
Mondeo1.6 TDCi 6MTDiesel85 kW
S-Max1.6 TDCi 6MTDiesel85 kW
Tourneo Connect1.6 TDCi 5MTDiesel55 kW
Tourneo Connect1.6 TDCi 5MTDiesel70 kW
Tourneo Connect1.6 TDCi 6MTDiesel85 kW
Transit Connect1.6 TDCi 5MTDiesel55 kW
Transit Connect1.6 TDCi 5MTDiesel70 kW
Transit Connect1.6 TDCi 6MTDiesel85 kW


This BENCH protocol also supports cloning.

Control unit repair

You do more than just tuning in your workshop with KESS3! Working in this sector allows you to meet parallel needs of your customers while increasing your profit opportunities. One of these formulas is ECU repair.

Thanks to the BENCH and BOOT mode of KESS3, it is possible, where available, to clone not only the memories of the ECU but also the whole management firmware to obtain a new control unit.


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Thanks to new and updated Drivers, you only need to modify part of the file inside the ECU to complete the job. Discover all the potential that a good calibration can generate on the 1.6 Duratorq powertrain that is affected by this upgrade or intervene in the repair area. By relying on ECM Titanium you can guarantee an effective and highly specialised service, not only on these types of vehicles.

You choose which display mode to operate in – TAB, 3D, 2D or hexadecimal – and reprogram vehicles entering your workshop with a handful of clicks.

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