ForTwo, ForFour and Twingo: remap the iconic citycars with KESS3 with Bosch ECU ME17.9.20

Thanks to KESS3, you can read and write via OBD the Bosch control units installed on the small turbocharged engines of the Smart and Renault brands.



Operate easily and reliably with the new KESS3 OBD protocol on the Bosch ME17.9.20 ECU to satisfy the demands of your Smart, Smart Brabus and Renault Twingo III owners. Take the best from this update and make your customers’ driving experience unique.

New ECU supported:

Thanks to the speed of KESS3, file reading and writing time can be reduced: an opportunity to spend more time on calibration and obtain the best result while optimising performance and consumption.







Twingo0.9 TCe 5MTPetrol66 kW
Twingo0.9 TCe 6ATPetrol66 kW








Forfour1.0 5MTPetrol52 kW
Forfour1.0 6ATPetrol52 kW
Forfour900 5MTPetrol66 kW
Forfour900 6ATPetrol66 kW
Forfour Brabus900 6ATPetrol80 kW
Fortwo1.0 5MTPetrol52 kW
Fortwo1.0 6ATPetrol52 kW
Fortwo900 5MTPetrol66 kW
Fortwo900 6ATPetrol66 kW
Fortwo Brabus900 6ATPetrol80 kW
Fortwo Brabus Ultimate 125900 6ATPetrol92 kW


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KESS3: the ideal mate for your work

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Lightness and agility: two features that make the small sized city cars a real object of desire for anyone looking for pure fun, even in the city jungle. Smart Brabus is the perfect embodiment of a vehicle that, despite its extremely compact dimensions, impresses with sporty qualities not only on the road.

The result of a good recalibration is boosted by the vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio, which, thanks to the electronic contribution of ECM Titanium, can be significant to increase performance by modifying the engine management parameters. The 900 and 1000 cc 3-cylinder turbocharged engines, which are equipped on the more extreme Smart ForTwo and ForFour fitted out by the well-known tuner Brabus, turn out to be a small performance phenomena thanks to their excellent starting base.

Make the Smart Brabus driving experience even more distinctive by working with precision and reliability on a targeted intervention aimed at satisfying your customer’s needs.

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