KESS3 remaps Mazda Skyactiv-G with Mitsubishi M13/M16 ECUs

Thanks to the latest KESS3 upgrade, you can read and write via OBD the ECUs that equip the latest Skyactiv-G engines from the Japanese manufacturer.



Work on Mitsubishi ECUs installed on Mazda CX5, 2, 3, 6, Axela and Atenza (MY 17-21) easily and safely thanks to the KESS3 OBD connection. Increase your customer base with a taylor-made solution by working on the performance of one of the most advanced petrol engines on the market.

New control unit supported:

Take advantage of working for first on these ECUs installed on Mazda cars and develop your own calibration idea with the help of a fast, reliable and suitable tool.







21.5 Skyactiv-G 75Petrol55 kW
21.5 Skyactiv-G 90Petrol66 kW
32.5 Skyactiv-G 250 Petrol184 kW
62.5 Skyactiv-G 194Petrol143 kW
Atenza2.5 Skyactiv-G 194Petrol143 kW
Axela1.5 Skyactiv-G 100 Petrol74 kW
CX-52.0 SkyActiv-G 165Petrol121 kW
CX-52.5 SkyActiv-G 194Petrol143 kW


The protocol is also supported by KESS-V2

KESS3: the ideal mate for your work

Do you want to get the most out of KESS3?

Connect easily and never so quickly to the supported control units, work safely and autonomously on all types of vehicles and discover the technologies that drive the vehicles coming into your workshop.


Powergate 3+: the ultimate service for your customers

Develop and improve the quality of your service with Powergate3+, the tool that will make you known worldwide.

With up to 5 files (modified by you) stored inside, your customer can reprogram autonomously and reliably, at any time, via the OBD port.

Offer the unique technology of Powergate3+ and increase your business.

Improving performance with ECM Titanium

Thanks to ECM Titanium it is possible to work effectively on the increase in torque and power thanks to the technological contribution to the engine.

Through the management of the spark advance and fuel injection, it is possible to reshape the delivery curve, especially at low revs, based on the customer’s needs, guaranteeing better performance.

A revolutionary engine with lots of technology: Mazda Skyactiv-G.

The avant-garde of petrol propulsion according to the Hiroshima-based manufacturer is contained in the four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine which, when necessary, deactivates two pistons to reduce fuel consumption and, at the same time, emissions, without limiting the performance.

When the engine load is reduced, a transformation mechanism in the hydraulic valve clearance recovery system of the first and fourth cylinders activates their shutdown, reducing mechanical resistance.

Precise management of ignition timing, intake air volume and fuel injection then allow the engine to switch between two- and four-cylinder operation without the driver being aware of it.

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