Read and write via OBD the engine control unit equipped on the new Honda Civic.

Read and write via OBD the engine control unit equipped on the new Honda Civic.


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This update allows you to work via OBD in an easy, fast and safe way on the engine control unit equipped on the latest Honda Civic 1.5 16v i-VTEC Turbo.





    Read and write in OBD

Civic1.5 16v i-VTEC TurboPetrol130 Kw

The news is also the tool you can use: KESS3!

Innovation in your workshop takes shape thanks to the new Alientech tool. Sensational performance, high operational flexibility and ease of use allow you to communicate with engine and gearbox control units with a single tool.
Alientech Suite - KESS3

Alientech Suite

KESS3 Alientech Suite A completely renovated suite, in design and architecture. An intuitive dashboard with renewed access to the vehicle list with the ability to create a list of favorite vehicles and view the history of vehicles already interfaced.
Honda Civic 1.5 i-VTEC Turbo 182CV.
Make your driving experience unique and perfect!

1498cc, double camshaft, VCT in both exhaust and intake and, for the first time on a Honda petrol engine, the turbo. These are just some of the peculiarities of the engine introduced by Honda on the Civic FK7, the hatchback of the Japanese manufacturer, now in its tenth generation, which landed on the European market in 2016.

Thanks to its modern particular lines and excellent standard equipment, the typical Honda care for ergonomics and excellent driving dynamics, this vehicle immediately made a lot of rumours, especially in the variant with the 1.5l VTEC, capable of delivering 182HP and 240Nm, available from 1900 to 5000RPM.

Thanks to ECM you can do much more!

Effectively work on the engine management parameters. Increase the torque values ​​for greater thrust, recalibrate the torque management required to give a greater sense of responsiveness to driving, increase the boost pressure and the amount of fuel injected to improve the performance of your customers’ cars.

And for the most passionate tuners? You can feel the engine!

We have also thought of those who, in addition to performance, also want the sound, implementing the maps for the management of the minimum advance and the activation of the cut-off in the release phase. Thanks to these managements you can change the music of the exhaust with bang functions made with the utmost precision and taylored to your customers!

Learn to remap with Alientech Academy. New dates in the Calendar!

Practical use of tools for processing control units.

You will know all the applications, the phases, the basic skills necessary for the modification of the engine and gearbox control unit.

ECM Titanium mapping software.

You will learn how to use the Alientech ECM Titanium software independently, discovering the operating strategies used to modify diesel and petrol engine control units.

Insights into Petrol and Diesel engine mapping.

A focus course to deepen the knowledge on the operation of the new generation control units. And above all, you will see how to develop a modified file on different types of engines, including hybrids!

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