a new standard for remapping.

A new release is now available for Alientech’s remapping software.


New software release: ECM TITANIUM 3.0

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, our software development team has increased the efficiency of ECM Titanium to speed up and simplify your work.

With ECM Titanium 3.0, you will have the maximum editing potential available in the same environment, thanks to new functions that make it even more effective at all stages.


Improved graphic interface

Thanks to an improved graphic interface, you can work even faster on ECM Titanium 3.0.

The search functions have been enhanced to allow you to cross-reference the data in the database and find exactly what you are looking for.

Renewed project management

The completely renewed project management allows you, as soon as you start the software, to work side by side with the working project and a comparison project in both 2D and tabular form.

This function allows you to replicate and compare calibration, on the new working project, from a previously modified file.

Optimized working experience

Working in 2D or tabular view you will have effective file management tools: alignments, scrolling and improved copy/paste functions will optimise your working experience.

Only by comparing two different projects will it be possible to replicate data and increments from one file to another, selectively and with maximum reliability.

* The ECM TITANIUM 3.0 upgrade is only available with the latest generation security-key.

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With ECM Titanium 3.0 your calibrations will be even faster and more accurate. Raise the intervention step with a new remapping standard.

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