TCU TEMIC DQ200G2 and Bosch ZF8HP70. New protocols to work on and repair via Service Mode

K-TAG to read, write and clone two new TCMs, supported by many VAG and FCA vehicles. Work via Service Mode, safe and effective.

mars 2, 2022

New protocols for a safe and effective  work on TCMs like TEMIC DQ200G2 and BOSCH ZF8HP70, supported by VAG and FCA vehicles. You can work in Service Mode, to give you more possibilities to offer high quality services and professionalism to your customers.

TCUs involved are:

You can work on hundreds of vehicles among Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen and Dodge. Lot of vehicles available for you to work efficiently and safe.

New K-TAG Protocol



   Read, write and clone in Service Mode

TCU BrandTCU VersionVehicle BrandFULL RD/WR K-TAG Mode


   Read, write and clone in Service Mode

TCU BrandTCU VersionVehicle BrandFULL RD/WR K-TAG Mode


   Read, write and clone in Service Mode

TCU BrandTCU VersionVehicle BrandFULL RD/WR K-TAG Mode


   Read, write and clone in Service Mode

TCU BrandTCU VersionVehicle BrandFULL RD/WR K-TAG Mode

New K-TAG Protocol



   Read and write in Service Mode

TCU BrandTCU VersionVehicle Brand RD/WR K-TAG Mode

Even more Service Mode.

Also, to repair and recalibrate the TCUS.

Full reading and writing without opening the TCM. Thanks to this modality, you can elaborate and repair the TCU without ever having to open it! The best for your work, with minimized error margin.


To really get the most out of a vehicle, we need to manage with reprogramming on the ECU for lower consumption or higher performance. However, with interventions also to the TCU, the vehicle elaboration becomes complete and optimized to the maximum: part of the performance limitations is included in the TCU so, on significant elaborations, it is necessary to also modify the TCU to develop 100% processing.



Thanks to the full reading and writing opportunity you can satisfy even more customers because you can repair the TCU, thus avoiding replacing one of most expensive components of the vehicles. A great advantage for the owners of the vehicle and certainly also for your business.

The Service Mode protocols we offer are the most concrete and real answer: we give you reliable solutions that make your job faster, easier, and safer.

New Service Mode cable

To work in Service Mode on TEMIC DQ200G2 and BOSCH ZF8HP70 the new 144300T118 cable shall be used!


When it comes to double clutch transmissions, it is impossible not to mention the DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) of the VAG group.

In production since 2003 with the DQ250 unit, the VAG group was the first to install this type of transmission on production cars, gaining great experience in this area.

Since 2007, the DQ200 has been presented as a more compact and economical solution to the DQ250: a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox with dry lamellar clutches, capable of withstanding a maximum torque of 250Nm.

This type of unit allows significant savings in terms of production and maintenance costs. It can be installed on compact cars or city cars equipped with engines with limited power and torque, also allowing a reduction in consumption and an improvement in performance and driving comfort.

The engines, common to all models, are 1.0TSI, 1.2TSI, 1.4TSI, 1.8TSI, 1.4TDI and 1.6TDI.


This unit is adopted by several car manufacturers, thanks in particular to its known reliability and its excellent performance.

It is an 8-speed gearbox with hydraulic torque converter, installed in the 8HP50, 8HP70, 8HP75 and 8HP90 versions by the FCA group on all cars with longitudinal engine.

A very versatile unit, which allows you to have different calibrations depending on the intended use.

An example above all, for the FCA group, is the work carried out on the calibration of the gearbox equipped on the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, making it extremely fast in gear changes and particularly responsive to driver inputs even in automatic mode.

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