Powergate3+ supports the brand-new Husqvarna

Become the most requested tuner in the world! Remap Husqvarna Enduro and Supermoto 701 and satisfy every driving need of your customers.

October 4, 2021

New Powergate3+ update for Husqvarna equipped with ECU:

Powergate3+ can make you the best-known chiptuner in the world, it’s up to you! You value your maps and Powergate3+ helps you do it!

New Powergate3+ Protocol

KEIHIN 61941031000


Read and write in OBD.

Enduro 701 Enduro LR Petrol 55 Kw
Enduro 701 Enduro Petrol 55 Kw
Supermoto 701 Supermoto Petrol 55 Kw

Easy reading and writing via OBD, quick and intuitive.

The opportunity to customize the tool with graphics, logos and language gives you the ability to create in a few steps your network of customers and to satisfy every request or need.

Thanks to the Alientech tools, you can read and write through OBD the ECU, recalibrate with ECM Titanium by intervening on management maps, to get response from the accelerator and traction control.

The aim is to offer your customers the best driving experience possible, creating as many elaborations as are the requirements!

In a Powergate3+ you can enter up to 5 maps and your customer, without using pc or cables, can reprogram independently his motorcycle, whenever he wants to, simply from the diagnostic port.

The tuner purchases a single Decoder and can associate to this countless User tools, as many as your customers are!

Working on motorcycles is only for real professionals and thanks to original tools and software raise the bar of professionalism, offering chiptuning at the highest level.

The tuner purchases a single Decoder and can associate to this countless User tools, as many as your customers are!

Powergate3+ Decoder

It is the tool that allows you configure and then associate to you the Powergate3+ User to sell your customers. All the files you modified and uploaded to the device are encoded to protect your work and you will have a modified file internal database. Your work is protected and guaranteed.

Powergate3+ User

It is the tool which is sent to the end customer. It contains the Original File of the ECU and the modified maps (up to 5 different levels of elaboration), that the customer can write on its vehicle.

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