Reprogram by OBD the new Triumph Street Triple RS thanks to KESSv2

Read and write through OBD (VR, WR) ECU Keihin RH850 equipped on Triumph Bonneville, Street Triple, Rocket and Trident my 2021!

February 23, 2022

This K-Suite update will introduce a new OBD protocol to read and write the ECU with KESSv2

The bikes you’ll work on are the last Triumphs released on the market, such as Bonneville, Street Triple, Rocket and Trident. Iconic Models that will guarantee you a smart, funny and smooth drive. 


New KESSv2 Protocol



    Virtual reading and write in OBD

Bonneville T120 1200cc Petrol 59 Kw
Rocket 3 GT Petrol 123 Kw
Street Triple RS 765cc Petrol 90 Kw
Trident 660 Petrol 60 Kw

OBD reprogramming, fast and effective.

The results are guaranteed with KESSv2 and ECM Titanium. Improve the way you make chiptuning.

Make a Virtual Reading and write the ECU Keihin RH850

Virtual Reading (VR) allows you to download the correct file and with KESSv2 it will be easy and quick: our tool automatically identifies the ECU, it searches for the right calibration on our servers and in a few easy steps you’ll have the corresponding original file.

Protocol 778 will allow you to reprogram the ECU Keihin RH850.

Not only your customers but also your bikes have different attitudes, and the chance to reprogram them in a fast way is essential to offer an extraordinary and customized driving experience.

We deal with many different bikes but thanks to the maps of ECM you can improve their performance working on spark advance and injection, making the engine more performing and reactive.

This protocol works only with this cable: 144300K269

Street Triple RS. A complete driving experience, make it even more personal!

The new Street Triple top of the range offers great performances thanks to its racing concept 3 cylinder engine.  A bike designed to have fun with, either on the track or on the road.

This thanks to the new three cylinder engine 765 cc updated by the same team that developed the engine for Moto2™. The final result is a more reactive powertrain, more efficient and reliable, less polluting and conformed to the Euro 5 norm.

The engine of the new Street Triple has a strong attitude and great performance; on the RS model the response is always immediate, thanks to a 7% reduction of the rotational inertia so to have a significant increase of the torque, above all at low or medium revs and the sound will be even more pure and addictive.

KESSv2. OBD reprogramming, fast and effective, even for bikes’ ECUs!

Thousands of available vehicles. Infinite opportunities to remap.

KESSv2 is easy to use, has the hugest amount of supported vehicles in the whole market and constant updates. Thanks to these features, KESSv2 is nowadays the most versatile tool to read and write via OBD! Update now your tool and start to remap!

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