Read, write, and clone in Boot Mode Scania Series G and R equipped with ECU Continental EMS S8

Read, write, and clone in Boot Mode and Service Mode heavy vehicles and earthmovers Volvo Construction, Scania and Mitsubishi equipped with ECU Continental ACM, EMS, and Denso.

December 9, 2021

Three new protocols add Boot Mode and Service Mode functions to remap, thanks to K-TAG, these ECUS:

These ECUS are equipped on truck, heavy vehicles, and earthmovers – excavators and tracked – of brands like Volvo, Scania, and Mitsubishi in production from 2008 to 2021.

Having the opportunity to intervene in depth on the ECUS components, to obtain maximum performances and consumption control; clone and then remap the ECU, to satisfy every request of your customers means to become a point of reference for these vehicles repair and remapping.

New K-TAG Protocol



   Read and write in Boot Mode

Excavator ECR155EL 4.0L Diesel 90 Kw
KTAG BOOT Continental EMS S8

New K-TAG Protocol



   Read, write and clone in Boot Mode

Series G 12.7L Diesel 324 Kw
Series G 12.7L Diesel 352 Kw
Series R 12.7L Diesel 352 Kw
Series R 16.4L Diesel 387 Kw
Series R 16.4L Diesel 432 Kw
Series R 16.4L Diesel 537 Kw

New K-TAG Protocol

DENSO 112500-0370


  Read and write in Service Mode

Fighter 7500 TD Diesel 177 Kw

K-TAG is the most complete and professional tool to read, write, and clone an ECU.

Boot Mode or Service Mode, deep remapping even more safe and fast.

Service Mode. With K-TAG you work more, work better!

Thanks to 1675 protocol, you can read and write the ECU, Denso 112500-0370 equipped on Mitsubishi vehicles.

The earthmovers vehicles like tractors, excavators, and small bulldozers, are vehicles that can be reprogrammed for better performances and a significant decrease in consumption. Interventions on vehicles of this kind are not for everyone. These are very delicate work and where the margin of error becomes high. Thanks to Service Mode, you can succeed in operations you though unthinkable.

Boot Mode. With ECU open to communicate with the deeper parts.

Thanks to Boot Mode protocols you can read, write, and clone through microprocessor NBD NEC, JTAG SPC56 e MPC56, JTAG Renesas. You make advanced editing and backup operations of the ECU, safe and reliable.

Thanks to 987 protocol, full RD/WR through micro JTAG MPC5566 and with the 1610 protocol reading and writing micro JTAG SPC564A80.

More productivity, less consumptions. Choose ECM Titanium remapping software.

The earthmoving work in intensive applications results in significant fuel consumption and pollution, even noise; in the case of certain very demanding agricultural applications, machines sometimes do not allow sufficient performances to maximise the productivity of operations. You can do a lot in terms of increased performances and, consequently, of productivity, thanks to K-TAG and ECM Titanium remapping software!

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