Remap in OBD the new Insignia ECU ACDelco E98

Read and write in OBD the new Astra, Colorado, Equinox, Insignia and Mokka with GM Diesel Euro 6 engine.

October 27, 2021

New KESSv2 protocol, to remap in a few movers new GM vehicles in production from 2017 to 2021, equipped with ECU:

Recent vehicles, with a modern and clean look, with a lot of technology outside and inside the hood. New Opel Astra, Insignia and Mokka in production from 2017 to today; 2019 Chevrolet Equinox and 2020 Holden Colorado, equipped with ECU ACDelco E98.

Vehicles spread all over the world, chosen by millions of people, that you can easily remap from today through OBD thanks to KESSv2. But not only, thanks to ECM Titanium remapping software, you recalibrate the ECU to reduce consumptions and increase performances for a better and more personal driving experience.

New KESSv2 Protocol



   Read and write in OBD

Astra1.6 CDTI 6ATDiesel100 Kw
Astra1.6 CDTI 6MTDiesel100 Kw
Astra1.6 CDTI 6MTDiesel70 Kw
Astra1.6 CDTI 6MTDiesel81 Kw
Astra1.6 CDTI BiTurbo 6MTDiesel118 Kw
Insignia1.6 CDTI 6ATDiesel100 Kw
Insignia1.6 CDTI 6MTDiesel100 Kw
Insignia1.6 CDTI 6MTDiesel81 Kw
Insignia2.0 CDTI 6MTDiesel125 Kw
Insignia2.0 CDTI 8ATDiesel125 Kw
Mokka1.6 CDTI ecoFLEXDiesel100 Kw


   Read and write in OBD

Colorado 2.8 TD Duramax 6AT Diesel 147 Kw
Colorado 2.8 TD Duramax 6MT Diesel 147 Kw
Equinox 1.6 TD Diesel 102 Kw


   Read and write in OBD

Colorado 2.8 TD Duramax Diesel 135 Kw
Equinox 1.6 TD Diesel 102 Kw

KESSv2. The OBD tuning tool for ECUS and TCUS.

ECU Programming for thousands of vehicles.

The remapping is safe and guided, thanks to the K-Suite software.

To remap an ECU, you need to read the original file stored inside, modify it with a software and then program it inside the ECU. The reading and writing procedure can be done with an OBD ECU programming tool like KESSv2.

ECM Titanium. Remapping software for ECU and TCU.

Once reprogrammed the ECU, you need to intervene with a remapping software to intervene on injections maps, turbo pressure, torque maps, rail maps on vehicles equipped with ACDELCO E98.
Each map has precise instructions that can be interpreted, modified, and made perfect, thanks to the remapping software. These are modifications that only a professional can perform, with the best tools and equipment, to bring the desired results.

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