Yamaha. Remap in OBD the 2021 model!

K-Suite - Release 4.39

June 16, 2021

Read and write through OBD the ECU DENSO equipped on the new T-MAX and YZF.

Offer to your customers the best driving experience they can have! Thanks to the new KESSv2 protocol, you remap through OBD these ECUS DENSO:

It is about ECUS equipped on the most recent Yamaha T-MAX and YZF models produced from 2019 to today. Among the best-selling vehicles in the world, chosen by millions of people to move in the traffic or exciting day trips, powerful and comfortable.

New KESSv2 Protocol


    Read and write in OBD.


T-Max XP560 T-Max Tech Max Petrol 35 Kw
T-Max XP560D T-Max Petrol 35 Kw

New KESSv2 Protocol


    Read and write in OBD.


T-Max XP560E T-Max Petrol 35 Kw

New KESSv2 Protocol


    Read and write in OBD.


YZF YZF-R1 Petrol 147 Kw

Remap with KESSv2 and ECM Titanium

The most iconic is undoubtedly the Yamaha T-Max. Right in 2021 there was an aesthetic restyling – embedded LED arrows, improved ergonomics – but above all technological and motoring. The goal is to become an increasingly sporty vehicle, able to satisfy the most demanding: the increase of displacement offers faster overtaking and more flexibility.

Thanks to the new KESSv2 protocol and the ECM Titanium remapping software, you can obtain even more, even on the latest models just released on the market!

The maps’ structure is very similar for both motorcycles; therefore, it is possible to apply the same changes (with due care because they are very different engines anyway).

Throttle Valve

The most useful maps to edit for both motorcycles are those related to the throttle valve management, to make the acceleration response more active.

Injection System

Modifying the maps of the injection system category, besides obtaining increase performances, it is possible to adapt the carburation for mechanical changes such as aspiration, collectors, and sports exhaust. This way you can avoid temperature problems which could lead to mechanical damages.

Read in Virtual Reading and write (VR, WR) through OBD thanks to KESSv2.

Virtual Reading gives the opportunity to receive the correct file and with KESSv2 you can do it easily and fast: our tool automatically identifies the ECU, searches the corresponding calibration in our servers and, in very few guided steps, downloads the corresponding original file.

This protocol functioning is linked to the use of the 144300K269 cable

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