KESS3. Reprogram ZFORCE and UFORCE 2021 equipped with Bosch MED17.8.10

Remap easily and safely via OBD ECU Bosch MED17.8.10 and increase the performance of of the new ZForce an UForce 2021 with the new Alientech Tool.


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We dedicate this software update to the brand-new ZForce 1000 Sport just released on the market. The latest ATV able to deal with every field, even the most inaccessible or hostile ones, with an unrivalled drive and boost. Lighter chassis, improved suspension compared to the previous model, make it an ideal companion for work and fun. For these reasons, we are talking about a rather common vehicles that many are choosing to buy and remap!






  Read and write in OBD

UFORCE600Petrol3040 Kw
UFORCE1000Petrol5979 Kw
ZFORCE 10001000 SportPetrol5979 Kw

The brand-new ZForce 1000 Sport owns a 1000 4-stroke twin-cylinder enginr, controlled by the ECU Bosch MED17.8.10. Thanks to the KESS3 protocol you can read and write in OBD, arriving at the end of the reprogramming safely. Would you like to increase the performances? With KESS3 and ECM Titanium you can do it!

Remap the new UForce 1000 2021 with ECM Titanium!

Work on engine parameters thanks to ECM Titanium.

Engine – More than two decades of liquid-cooled power technology from CFMOTO stand behind the 962.6cc V-twin engine of the ZFORCE 1000 Sport. The electronically fuel-injected 8-valve, DOHC powerplant churns out 57.5 kw (77 horsepower), with 0-50m acceleration in only four seconds.

ATV vehicles must run in every condition and terrain. You will need the right amount of torque and power if you want to run on the hardest trails!

By ECM Titanium you’ll be able to work on the engine parameters in order to achieve the best possible result. Tune the injection maps and spark advance to obtain the right AFR and increase torque, power and engine responsiveness.

Get the best out from your tunes!


Since 1991 Alientech has been designing and developing tools for ECU remapping. Driven by the passion for excellence, Alientech has incorporated all their design experience in this new tool.

Every aspect of KESS3 is carefully designed to achieve performance, operational flexibility, and ease of use.

Its renewed architecture exploits the full potential of each component.

New microprocessor, latest generation I/O interfaces, new built-in sensors and high-performance EEPROM and FLASH memories are the main features of KESS3



The most powerful microprocessor on the market. 7 times more powerful than the previous generation. Pure power that can execute your commands reliably, faster and more efficiently.

The renewed USB Full speed chip allows an up to 10x increase in the performance of importing and exporting files to and from the KESS3.

But not only that, Alientech added a new web infrastructure to the new KESS3.

The result being, an Alientech cloud with improved speed and performance.

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We will welcome you in a stand designed and dedicated mainly to our new instrument: KESS3. You will have the opportunity to discover details and features that will leave you amazed. Totally reshaped in the concept – from two tools, we went to one – but above all in the technical architecture, functionality, cutting-edge components and software – new in every aspect.

A leap into the future of Chiptuning, which will radically change the way you work.

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Learn to remap with Alientech Academy.
New dates in the Calendar for WARSAW and TRINO!

Practical use of tools for processing control units.

You will know all the applications, the phases, the basic skills necessary for the modification of the engine and gearbox control unit.

ECM Titanium mapping software.

You will learn how to use the Alientech ECM Titanium software independently, discovering the operating strategies used to modify diesel and petrol engine control units.

Insights into Petrol and Diesel engine mapping.

A focus course to deepen the knowledge on the operation of the new generation control units. And above all, you will see how to develop a modified file on different types of engines, including hybrids!