Viano and Vito Mercedes-Benz supported by KESSv2!

New FULL OBD protocol for ECU Bosch EDC17CP10 equipped on commercial vehicles Mercedes Viano and Vito.

September 1, 2021

Thanks to the new OBD protocol, you can read and write the ECU:

Easily intervene on commercial vehicles spread all over the world, like Viano and Vito Mercedes-Benz.

New KESSv2 Protocol



   Read and write in OBD.

Viano 3.0 CDI Diesel 165 Kw
Vito 122 CDI Diesel 165 Kw

Reading and writing through OBD with KESSv2.

Calibration maps editing with ECM Titanium.

Reading and writing in FULL OBD thanks to this new protocol. Save, read, and write the ECU files in an easy and fast way.

The vehicles supported by this ECU are among the most popular commercial vehicles in the world and are often parts of entire fleets, destined to go thousands of kilometers every week, tens of thousands per year. Intervene on the ECU for the consumptions reduction therefore becomes a priority for those who own these vehicles. You can help your customers to save money, thanks to a fast, efficient, and reliable service.

Through OBD you can read the ECU original file, thanks to ECM Titanium remapping software you view and modify in autonomy the calibrations maps and finally, you rewrite it. A safe procedure, replicable on many vehicles in a short time.

Thanks to remapping, in particular to torque and power increase, it is possible to “unlock” the engine from its original limitations. This leads to lower fuel consumptions and more ease of movement even at full load, precisely thanks to the considerable engine toque increase.

Many of our customers have already achieved similar results on a Mercedes Sprinter equipped with the same ECU EDC17CP10 engine 3.0L with 190 CV, with an increase of 100 Nm and 66CV approximately.

The best way to obtain efficient and safe recalibrations, knowing exactly what to do, is certainly to have an experienced guide that explains every step. The Alientech training is ideal for both those who start operating in this sector and for those who already are more experienced and need insights on specific maps. We have a team of technicians able to support you to get the results you want.

Viano e Vito also supported by Powergate3+

In addition to KESS2 protocol, also Powergate3+ supports these vehicles with 188 protocol.


Become the world’s best-known tuner! Powergate3+ can make you the most requested tuner in the world.

It’s all on you. You are the one who gives value to your maps and who choose how far to go!

Easy reading and writing through OBD: Never been so fast and intuitive!

The ability to customize the tools with graphic, logos and language, to create its customers network in a few steps and, above all, the possibility to satisfy each request or driving need of your customers.

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