Unleash the performance of your vehicle.


Powergate is the new tool that allows your customers to enhance and optimise the performance of their vehicle, in a few simple steps, directly from their smartphone.

Why Powergate

Powergate is the next-generation portable control unit programmer for cars and motorbikes, created to offer every driver a customised driving experience for their vehicle. All it takes is a few simple steps on the Powergate App, compatible with the most common smartphones.

This new tool makes it possible to read and write a control unit (ECU and TCU) with unique simplicity and intuitiveness: a generational leap from the previous Powergate3+ version, offering a larger-than-ever compatible vehicles list.

Cloud-based management makes it easy to reach customers from all over the world, thanks to a newly developed Dashboard designed to simplify work and file exchange.

With Powergate, breaking down tuning boundaries is possible, now.

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