Reprogram the new Kawasaki Ninja 636 ZX-6R equipped with Denso 21175-1384.

Eight new Denso, Mitsubishi and Bosch control units to work on in Boot Mode and Service Mode. Intervene quickly and easily on Kawasaki Ninja and Versys of 2021, Indian Motorcycle Challenger 2021 and Suzuki Sport Enduro Tourer 2017 and many more.


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Four new Boot Mode and Service Mode protocols dedicated to two-wheelers to work on Kawasaki, Indian Motorcycles and Suzuki, even very recent ones. Thanks to KESS3, you’ll work like never before. A new, versatile, functional tool able to give you the best for your every intervention.







  Read and write in Boot Mode

Z900 ABSPetrol99 Kw


  Read and write in Boot Mode

Z900 ABSPetrol99 Kw


  Read and write in Boot Mode

Z 900 RS Petrol 82 Kw


  Read and write in Boot Mode

Ninja 636 ZX-6R KRT Petrol 95
Ninja 636 ZX-6R Petrol 95


Read and write in Service Mode

Challenger 1.8L Petrol 90 Kw


  Read and write in Boot Mode

Versys1000 SPetrol88 Kw


  Read and write in Boot Mode

Ninja1000 ZX-10RPetrol149 Kw


  Read and write in Boot Mode

Sport Enduro Tourer V-Strom 1000 XT Petrol 74 Kw

New Microprocessor

Thanks to the new most powerful processor on  market: 7 times more powerful than the previous generation. Pure power that can make your task better, more efficiently and quickly.

Three Ways to work in one tool!

KESS3 combines 3 operating modes in one tool. OBD, Bench and Boot Mode.

Configure it according to your needs and your work. Whatever your level and experience in remapping is, KESS3 gives you the best.

Read and write ECU Denso 21175-1384 via KESS3, the new Alientech Tool!

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 is exceptional in countless ways. Evolution of Ninja design, full LED headlights, Quickshifter, Traction Control and many other improvements that bring the ZX-6R to a higher level. Thanks to KESS3 you can reprogram it!

The engine is a 636cc in-line 4, historic displacement for Kawasaki’s medium sport bike: the power and torque values remain unchanged, 130 hp of maximum power, which become 136 with RamAir, while the torque is 70.8Nm at 11,000 rpm.

To make it easier to ride during the everyday riding, the real goal of the Akashi manufacturer, the final ratio has been shortened by adopting a 15 teeth gear for the pinion instead of the 16 teeth one used in previous models.

Electronics controls, used the most on 1000cc supersport bikes, are now available, but they are reduced to what is strictly necessary. No ride by wire, anti-wheelie or whatever, only two mappings (full power and low power), deactivable traction control with possibility to set it on 3 levels, and the quickshifter for upshifts only.

Remap the new Kawasaki Ninja 636 ZX-6R with ECM Titanium!

Work on engine parameters thanks to ECM Titanium.

One of the prerogatives of the 600 and 1000cc supersports bikes is that they are road-legal track oriented vehicles: very few changes are enough to make them trusted trackday companions! The Ninja 636 is no exception and thanks to ECM Titanium you can make your customers’ bikes even faster and more performing, especially after exhaust and intake modifications that usually have been made on these bikes!

Work on spark advance management maps to improve responsiveness and power, on injection management maps to optimize AFR and on air loads to optimize the flow of air to the engine.

Get the best out from your tunes!

Autopromotec 2022. Alientech is waiting for you.
Hall 30 A66 - from 25th to 28th May.

We will welcome you in a stand designed and dedicated mainly to our new instrument: KESS3. You will have the opportunity to discover details and features that will leave you amazed. Totally reshaped in the concept — from two tools, we went to one — but above all in the technical architecture, functionality, cutting-edge components and software — new in every aspect.

A leap into the future of Chiptuning, which will radically change the way you work.

Materials and inspirations that go beyond mechanics, to offer you something incredible compared to the simplicity of use to the versatility and convenience of the instrument itself. If you are curious to know more, then come and visit us at the fair!

From 25th to 28th May you will find us in Hall 30 A66

Learn to remap with Alientech Academy. New dates in the Calendar!

Practical use of tools for processing control units.

You will know all the applications, the phases, the basic skills necessary for the modification of the engine and gearbox control unit.

ECM Titanium mapping software.

You will learn how to use the Alientech ECM Titanium software independently, discovering the operating strategies used to modify diesel and petrol engine control units.

Insights into Petrol and Diesel engine mapping.

A focus course to deepen the knowledge on the operation of the new generation control units. And above all, you will see how to develop a modified file on different types of engines, including hybrids!