OBD and Bench- Boot ECU programming kit

Reading, Writing and Cloning

OBD, Bootmode and Service Mode. Three different modalities for a single purpose: ECUS and TCUS recalibrations in the most effective and safe way.

You work on thousands of vehicles through OBD with KESSv2 or Boot and Service Mode with K-TAG. You choose how to intervene, we give you the tools to do it. Bring out the very best of your modification!

More vehicles, more ECUS, more work: with two everything is better!

Reading and writing of the ECUS and TCUS of vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, and boats will be withing your reach.

KESSv2 and K-TAG offer a list of tens of thousands of vehicles and thanks to these two tools you will be able to work on all of them.

If you can’t intervene with one, you can certainly do it with the other. You have everything you need succeed: the right tools that give your profession completeness and competence to be the best.

Completeness, Competence.

KESSv2: reading and writing through OBD with the most versatile tool. K-TAG: reading, writing and cloning to get to the heart of the ECU. Two unique tools, that together become everything.

You have completeness, having on your side two powerful, versatile and efficient tools. You can face any interventions on any vehicles. No limits to your business: offer more services, faster and more complete.

Repairs, recalibrations, cloning, advanced editing, high-skill jobs… everything.

There is no Slave without Master.

The difference between the two types of configuration concerns the possibility of intervening or not directly on the read file.


The Master system is not encrypted and therefore it is able to save, read and write the file independently, working autonomously.

The best choice to fully control the entire modification process.


The Slave system carries out everything a Master tool can do, with one difference: the file is encrypted.
The modified file is provided directly from your trustworthy tuner. The best choice for those how is taking their first steps in the chiptuning world.

A professional that decides to start with a Slave system, with the right training and experience, can choose to switch to the Master system whenever they want to.


Discover the Online remapping practices with DocDonkey. Learn the remapping strategies of an ECU in less than an hour!

KESSv2 – Available vehicles

The activation of car protocols allows you to communicate with thousands of vehicles, by using the OBD communication, the most common for reading and writing the ECUS.

Cables and protocols dedicated to two wheels, work comfortably with the most important brands in the world through the OBD port.

Always updated accessories and protocols, to easily communicate with all the latest generation trucks.

To answer the most recent business request, specific protocols and cables also dedicated to the tractor’s world, a rapidly and constantly growing market.


Even the marine engines have no secrets for Alientech. For years Alientech has successfully created protocols for many applications on boats and jet skis.

K-TAG – Microcontrollers

Infineon TriCore

Motorola MPC5xx

Motorola MC68xxx

Motorola HC12

Motorola Nexus MPC5xxx

Motorola MPC56xxx

NEC76F00xx NBD Toyota

Renesas SH705x
Renesas M32

Mitsubishi MH7xxx
Mitsubishi MH8xx


Specifications and functions


Designed for K-Suite 3 and more! A single management software to remap ECUS and TCUS, managing your tools, protocols, and activations.


Real reading and writing. And if you can’t, use the VR!
If real reading is not available, KESSv2 automatically downloads the Original File from the Alientech Data Bank. The simple and instant ID of the ECU is equivalent to the original file reading.

K-TAG. RD,WR, Clone.

Real reading and writing, cloning. Bootmode, Service mode. Each available function takes you with confidence and efficiency to the result you want to achieve.

Checksum control

An operation that serves to verify the integrity of the ECU data. The checksum correction is carried out by KESSv2 on each file during the writing phase, to ensure the correct operation of the ECU.


With the Recovery function, the connection with the vehicle can be restored and the file read from the ECU can be recovered, or rewrite the modified file, thus recovering the full functionality of the vehicle.

User manuals

Detailed How To, and step-by-step instructions on safely completing each remapping.

Technical assistance

Dedicated support to help you in the most complex procedures.



The K-TAG Master solution is suitable for the professional who desires to have complete control with the remapping operations of the vehicles ECUS.



The K-TAG Slave solution is suitable for the workshops that decide to enter the Chiptuning world, relying on remapping files tailored to their needs.

The indispensable

Unity is strength

ECM Titanium. Interpret, Remap.

ECM Titanium is the remapping software that interprets and modifies the operating data of the ECU and TCU with precision and simplicity.

Effective in the modifying operations and intuitive to use, the recalibrations become faster and simpler. Each professional recognizes the ECM Titanium as the ideal software to get the most out of every vehicle.

Why choose Alientech

Professional Chiptuning
Create, program and offer your customers high quality processing for any vehicle.
Easy to use
Our tools are simple and intuitive to use. Each operation is immediate and safe.
Customize your tools
Customize your tools, work on whatever you want, as you wish.