K-Suite 2.40

K-Suite 2.40. New protocols for K-TAG

In this month, we have worked to try to meet the demands that we keep on getting through many channels, and this update is a concrete answer to those specific needs.
We know that the list is still long, but we are working every day to fill gaps, answer to today’s demands and meet those that are going to be in the future: with the upcoming updates we will prove it again.

In this update, we wish to point out in particular the SID208 protocol.
To give you the opportunity to work on Citroen and Peugeot vehicles equipped with Continental SID208 ECU and micro TC1796, we introduced a new communication mode for K-TAG: in addition to the Boot connection via the micro, we also introduce Boot communication through the OBD connector. The tool will automatically recognize the connection mode and guide you through read and write operations. Either in OBD or on the bench.

Update your tools and start working right away.


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Possible connections on KESSv2 and K-TAG

OBD OBD Patch OBD Password OBD Virtual Reading Boot OBD Boot
Direct Connection




Vehicle Ecu ECU Version Micro Maker Method
Bosch ME17.9.23 TC1724 Renault
Bosch ME17.9.71 TC1724 Peugeot
Continental EMS24XX TC1791 Ford
Continental EMS3155 TC1782 Renault
Continental MSD80 TC1796 BMW
Continental MSD81 TC1796 BMW
Continental MSD85 TC1796 BMW
Continental MSD85.4 TC1796 BMW
Continental MSD87 TC1796 BMW
Continental MSV80 TC1796 BMW
Continental MSV90 TC1796 BMW
Continental SID208 TC1796 Citroen
Continental SID208 TC1796 Peugeot
Continental SIM271DE2.0 TC1796 Mercedes
Continental SIM271KE2.0 TC1796 Mercedes
Denso 275036-5810 76F0039AGD Toyota
Bosch EDC17C81 TC1782 JMC


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