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ECM Titanium is the mapping software that allows you to interpret and modify the files of the control unit easily and with accuracy. It is compatible with all the original files of cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractor and boats; it does not need other files or additional information as all are already included in the software.


To each original file corresponds a driver, supplied by Alientech, that decodes and makes available the parameters of the engine performance, for example: spark advance, engine revolves, acceleration percentage and turbo pressure. In this way you can edit the related parameters modifying the performance of the engine.


ECU remapping is easy and safe with ECM Titanium

Each ECU manages all the sensors and actuators of the engine system. These parameters can be read by KESSv2 and K-TAG, saved in one file that you can customize with ECM Titanium software. After that, you can re-write back the new modified file using KESSv2 or K-Tag in the ECU.

Which are the main features of ECM Titanium?


The driver search is the exclusive feature that will allow you to automatically find all the necessary info to remap the original file you loaded in ECM Titanium. You will not need to purchase or to search for additional information to edit the parameters of the engine performance.


In the section dedicated to the map list you will find all the necessary information to manage at your best any kind of ECU and TCU. Maps are divided in categories like: intake control, advance, turbo, engine torque, limiters and deactivations. Beside the map categories, you will also find all the available unit of measurement for each single function.


Thanks to the table view you have the exact representation in real values used to manage the engine. You can then create your own strategy to edit the maps in the drivers. For example, you can use the interpolation feature that permits to modify the parameters in a proportional way to a selected area of the map.


The 3D view will allow the form and the development of the map; you can so linearise the representation, modifying the values point by point so to make the engine response more uniformed and smooth. You will be also able to increase or decrease specific areas to improve the vehicle performance.


Through the 2D view, you will have the chance to explore the entire original file to search for one or more maps you want. You will be able to modify any parameter in the loaded map. And thanks to the feature Memo addresses you can memorize the addresses of the maps so that you will easily find them again later.


Our internal database will allow you to save all the files on ECM Titanium inside the flash drive so to have them always with you and work on many different Pc. If you select the desired original file you will find all the associated mod files you created.

Driver Maker

If you want to get the best from your ECM Titanium and to become even more independent creating your own maps, Driver Maker is the right choice: it is a plugin to create new drivers or to modify existing drivers in the Alientech databank. Thanks to Driver Maker you can become the professional you have ever wanted to be.

Driver maker


The best tool to tune motor vehicles

Learn how to work with ECM Titanium at its best


Our Academy offers a training course aimed to the use of ECM Titanium software at full force. The dates and the program of the training courses are on our site Academy.

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Assistance using our ticket portal: our team is at your complete disposition to help and support you during the most delicate moments of your work. Alientech Cloud is also available for you to access to exclusive services just for our customers.

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