Advanced Petrol Engines Tuning

Training program:
The Advanced Petrol Engines Tuning course is structured in one day and lasts from 6 to 8 hours, depending by class attitude and reserved time for Q&A.
There are two short breaks, one in the middle of the morning and one in the middle of afternoon, and lunch break.
At the end of the training the attendant gets an official customized Certificate of Participation by the Academy, directly from Alientech website.

Training goal:
Deepen your knowledge of Petrol engine ECUs and fully understand its operating logic

Who is it for:
Automotive technicians, Mechanical workshops, Students and Professionals

Necessary requirements:
Transversal knowledge about Engine mechanical components and Automotive electronics

Structure and training content:
This course will allow you to deepen even more your understanding of petrol engine ECU operating logic and how to proceed with the modification. This, in return, will allow you to unlock the true potential of the engine. You will also be shown some carefully selected modification examples. Finally, you will have the chance to fully understand how to efficiently work with ECM Titanium

We will start by reviewing the concept of Torque request and what it refers to, we will then go on to create a strong understanding of volumetric efficiency, throttle control and everything in between. Finally, we will learn how to tune injection in relation to the air quantity by enstablishing how Air to Fuel ratio and closed/open loop really work.

We will then review all the said information in practice by analyzing original files and real-world outcomes proved by dyno bench tests

Topics summary:

–  The process of Tuning
–  Torque Request
–  Volumetric Efficiency and Throttle Control
–  Variable Valve Timing and Valve Lift
–  AFR – Lambda
–  Spark Advance – Knock Sensor
–  Correction Factors
–  Limiters
–  Analysis of original files
–  Analysis of Bench tests

April 3 @ 09:00
09:00 — 17:00

Hameenlinna – Finland

Mattia Bragato