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Alientech is an Italian company that since 1991 is carrying out improvement in the field of engine tunings, both for utility and racing cars. Thanks to tools and software developed by a highly skilled team of engineers, today Alientech is one of the landmarks in the chiptuning sector.
Alientech has a goal, clear and well defined:


What we want is easy to explain: to study, design and develop the best tools able to satisfy what the market demands. For this reason, every single day we invest time and resource to find out the best solutions for our customers of today and tomorrow.



From small local Italian company, Alientech has always kept on growing and today has five international branches, hundreds of retailers and thousands of customers worldwide, becoming a real landmark in the engine tuning.

Our goal is to keep working this way: to develop and improve our tools and software at their best, either from a professional or competitive point of view.

1991 - 1994 | The beginning

Alientech starts exploring electronics applied to vehicles. In this period, the first digital electronic control units equipped with EPROM memory are installed on cars.


We design the first software for editing the maps of engine management and we start our first online service, with a futuristic Data Bank (BBS).


BitPower is created, the first EPROM emulator for editing of electronic fuel injection systems with real-time trace.

1995 - 1999 | Stekio

ECM becomes real: operating on DOS system, ECM is equipped with many features for identifying and modifying the engine management maps.


To support ECM software and Bit Power emulator and work with them side by side, STEKIO is developed, the tool that allows you to measure the fuel mixture, more compact and portable than their competitors in the same category on the market.


In order to update our tools to the technological evolution of EPROM memories – Flash PSOP and PLCC – modules and adapters are developed to allow reading and writing  this new kind of memories with the emulator BitPower.


STEKIO 2 is a tool equipped with a cable and a lambda probe to be positioned in the vehicle exhaust system. The values are displayed on a LCD  and a LED-bar on the handle of the tool changes colour depending on if the AFR is lean or rich.

2000 - 2003 | ECM 2001|KESS

Following the spreading of the market of on-board diagnostics (OBD) systems and to meet the needs of one of our customers to remap ECUs installed on Ford vehicles, Alientech development team make an extensive research on the American market. This leads to the realization of the  Module Ford, that in association with BitPower emulator, allows you to remap Ford vehicles in real time. The evolution will result in a few years in the realization of Powergate R, which will allow us to be in the avant-garde of the programming of the ECUs installed on Ford vehicles.


ECM2001 is released, and for many years it will be the most important support for many tuners. ECM2001 includes everything you need to edit the files of an ECU. It allows you to view and modify maps in 2D, 3D, hexadecimal or decimal tables and recalculates the checksum automatically. As for the previous version of ECM, with the help of the emulator BitPower mapping is possible with real-time trace, now on any type of graphical display.



KESS is born, the tool that communicates with the engine control unit via diagnostic port. With its constant updates, KESS allows you to be one step forward in the programming via OBD.


Alientech begins to distribute HONDATA products and develops BIT POWER2.

Traccia Emulatore – Video

2004 - 2007 | Powergate

Powergate lands on the market, the personal OBDII programmer: the first to implement the SAE-J1850 protocol for Ford vehicles, this tool makes finally possible to autonomously switch from one map to another in a few easy steps.


Alientech moves to a new building in Trino (VC). BDMpro comes on the market, the programmer with Background Debug Mode interface, which enables the programming of control units equipped with Motorola MPC5xx microcontroller, and the chance to back up the entire ECU.


STEKIO 3 is designed and sold in three versions: “Basic”, “Tuner” and “Pro”. Evolution of the previous versions, as well as performing the same functions, STEKIO 3 can measure the engine knocking by connecting up to the two sensors on the cylinders.


This is the year of Powergate2: with a larger display and a bigger number of supported vehicles. For its innovative features, Powergate 2 is chosen as the editing and remapping tool by several cars and motorcycles tuner teams.

2008 - 2010 | ECM Titanium | KESSv2

ECM Titanium revolutionizes tuners’ work, offering a software easy to use and always ready in a convenient flash drive with 8 GB of memory. The original files are stored and processed inside the pen drive, registered in local database, allowing you to have your files within reach at any time.


KESSv2 is born, the technological evolution of the Alientech system dedicated to the serial communication with the engine control unit. Available for cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors and boats. The new management software is designed to support the user step by step in all the phases of the work. Finally, features for automatic updates have improved and the service pack to access to the up-to-date manuals are implemented.


The Bootloader Tricore module for KESSv2 is introduced, an accessory that allows you to read/write in boot mode with all ECUs equipped with microprocessors TC17xx safely, with the possibility to backup and restore your data completely.

2011 - 2013 | K-TAG | Powergate3

K-TAG is released, the new ECU programmer ‘on the bench’ featuring  together the communication lines J-TAG Nexus and Renesas, BDM Motorola MPC5xx, Bootloader Mitsubishi, Bootloader Infineon Tricore and Bootloader ST.

A new branch opens near Toulouse (France): Alientech France, to support the French-speaking markets with French staff.



Opening of a brand new branch: Alientech Iberica in Seville (Spain) according to the same policy used in France, serving Spanish-speaking markets with Spanish staff.


This is the year of Powergate3, natural evolution of the individual programmer OBDII. Versatile and affordable for everyone, Powergate3 allows you to change the mapping of Cars, Trucks, Tractors and Marine at any time simply through the diagnostic port.

After one year Alientech Iberica moves to Malaga: the new facility is more modern, equipped with a training room, and easily accessible due to its proximity to the international airport of Malaga.


2014 - 2017 | New K-Suite | E-Commerce

Alientech France, due to its rapid expansion changes facility moving from Tolouse to Montans, a small French “commune” in the Tarn area on the Pyrenees.  The new offices are more modern, with a big training room and a dyno.


Management, sales department and logistics of Alientech Italia move to a brand new building: bigger offices, a larger facility for the logistic and a new space totally dedicated to Alientech Academy: a modern room for the course, a workshop equipped with all our tools and a dyno for all our students.


Alienwear. The “Alientech way of life” meets fashion and what comes out is something unique. Fine details, high quality fabrics, each single aspects of the clothing item is designed, conceived and carried out carefully to give you a product you do want to wear.


New graphics and features for K-Suite software: responsive graphics, modern appeal, functional, and immediate. New features that give to the software even more importance and a fundamental role.

New Alientech site with Store On line! Services, accessories, tools and much more always available and supported by any device!

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